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Cymbal Salvage

No cymbal is beyond saving.

One thing we at Cymbal Salvage have always believed, is that drummers should not have to pay today's high prices to reach a sound in which they can feel confident. Our motto is "No cymbal is beyond saving", and with that comes the belief that anything can be achieved with the right skills, the right tools, and a clear vision. Set up a free consultation any time, and let us help make the sound you hear in your head a reality!

We currently offer the following services:

  • Cymbal Lathing

  • Cymbal Crack Repairs

  • Cymbal Hammering

  • Cymbal Drilling (rivets, ozone style, etc)

  • Cymbal Restoration

  • Patinas

We offer FREE voluntary modifications within the first year of purchasing a new SFCC original cymbal, as well as FREE REPAIRS within the first 6 months!

Current Rates of Services:

  • Cymbal Crack Repairs: $40 flat per cymbal. If more than 2 cymbals are booked in for one transaction, $10 will be deducted from the flat rate for every cymbal over the minimum of two, and capping the rate at four cymbals. Once you reach four cymbals booked in, any additional cymbals follow the minimum rate of $20/cymbal. (1 = 40, 2 = 80, 3 = 110, 4* = 130, 5 = 150, 6 = 170, 7 = 190, 8 = 210, etc). NOTE: If your cymbals are past the point of repair, consider modification!

  • Cymbal Modification: Hammering: $50/cymbal, Ozone holes: $80/cymbal, Lathing: $100/cymbal. *If you are booking in more than 2 cymbals with multiple modifications each (e.g. hammering and lathing on a full cymbal set), pricing will be calculated hourly with an additional adjusted flat rate of $150 for the first hour (e.g. 3 cymbals booked in for multiple mods totaling 3 hours : $150 flat + ($50 x 2hrs) = $250.*

  • Rivet Installation: $20 flat fee for up to 5 rivets + $5 per additional.

  • Patinas: $100 FLAT per instrument, as the timeframe for patinas is not always clear.

*If you do not see your needed service listed above, please call us any time during business hours, or send a message to schedule a free consultation.*

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